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Bed side table cutting list

Cutting List Bed side table  
Parts Width Thickness Length Number Timber
Top 185mm 19mm 400mm 2 Pine
Legs 42mm 19mm 600mm 4 Pine
Side rails 42mm 19mm 250mm 4 Pine
Front rails 42mm 19mm 318mm 3 Pine
Back rails 42mm 19mm 318mm 2 Pine
Door sides 42mm 19mm 302mm 2 Pine
Door rails 42mm 19mm 230mm 2 Pine
Material Length Width Thick Number  
Sides pine ply 520mm 270mm 3mm 2
Door pine ply 240mm 250mm 3mm 1
Shelf pine ply 330mm 300mm 12mm 1
Bottom pine ply 320mm 300mm 12mm 1
Back MDF 500mm 340mm 3mm 1
Hardware     Number
Hinges 35mm     2
Door Knob     1
Screws 8x31mm PH screws     50
Screws 6x 15mm Flat Head   12
Nails 15mm     20
PVA glue      


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