1/2''..Taper plug cutter

When you want to hide a screw you generally want the covering plug to blend in with the timber so as not to be noticeable. The INSTY-BIT taper plug cutters cut a tapered plug. By selecting a scrap of timber the same timber as you are using enabling you to match the timber so the plug give a perfect match. The tapered plug allows it to be a tight fit & avoids the tell tale glue line around the plug. This is particularly important when stain is used, stain will suck into glue leaving a dark ring around the plug, with the INSTY-BIT taper plug cutter you use a little glue on the inner end of the plug to hold the plug in position. When the plug is tapped in the outside of the plug is hard against the hole so no glue needs to be at the face of the work. When done properly the plug blends in beautifully in the timber and is almost invisible. For contrast different colour plugs can be used.


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