#10 x 75mm(3'')..Flat head Stainless screw Qty 25

Flat head Tapping Thread  Robertson steel screws

The Original /L Robertson

Square drive screw stainless steel 304 .

Type A sheet metal threads for fast tapping into sheet metal, plastic or wood.

Our Stainless screws are made from 18-8 grade Stainless Steel.

It offers the best blend of strength and corrosion resistance without brittleness.

Stainless steel screws are moderately strong in tension and shear but are not as strong as the Hardened Steel so you need to watch the torque and pre drill in most timbers.

Offers excellent corrosion protection.

Variety of sizes and head styles.


HVAC & Plumbing

Windows and Doors



Sheet Metal

PVC & plastic


This is a RED colour coded bit or hand driver.


SKU 1075S25
Shipping Weight 0.6720kg

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