#8 x 62mm(2-1/2..Flat head Maxx screw. Qty 50

Flat head Steel screw with type 17 tip.

Steel lo-root Aster thread.

Four countersinking lugs under the head.

 Combination #2 Square/Phillips drive for serviceability.

Maxx screws ares suitable for all kinds of wood applications. They can be used in soft and hard wood MDF, Plywood , Laminated wood and even some kinds of tropical wood.

Their sharp number 17 point enables the screw to start quickly wihout splitting the timber . The self countersinking head in combination wiith the cutting ribs gives a perfect smooth finish when the screw enters the surface of the wood

Maxx screws can be used with either a Square drive or Phillips head makng them a very versatile screw to use.


Kitchen & Bath Cabinets
Window & Doors
Sofywoods & Hardwood
Particle board & Plywood
Pllastic & Melamine


SKU 0862M50
Shipping Weight 0.3480kg

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