#8 x 31mm (1-1/4'')..Treated pine screw - Green Qty100

Flat head Robertson steel wood  screws with 4 lugsThe original L/Robertson

The Coating on these screws is MAGNIGARD. This finish offers excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Sharp thread angles and sharp points offer excellent penetration.
  • There are 4 counter sinking lugs under the head.
  • Ideal for decks fences constructions and walkways.

Be cautious when using deck cleaners with these screws as they can cause a chemical reaction.

Industries  Decking  Construction  Fences 

Applications Softwoods Hardwoods

#2 is the driver bit size for #8 and #10 gauge screws. This is a RED colour coded bit or hand driver.


SKU 0831DG100
Shipping Weight 0.2140kg

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